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How It Works

How Song-Creator works

Song-creator.com is a pretty simple idea. Say, for example, you have a song idea, or a piece of music and it’s not quite finished, or you think it needs refining, and you’re not sure what to do next.

I have the expertise and knowledge to help you complete your idea, and it’s totally royalty free. You just pay for the time we spend working together, or for me to complete your track for you.

You can email,text or call me to talk about your song or idea. I’m never far from an iPhone ,iPad, PC, laptop or whatever.

Don’t be intimidated by the music business, or my website! Everyone has to start somewhere, and song writing and music production is a creative process that can take time to develop. I’m here to help in all aspects of the song and music creation process. It’s great fun, and who knows how far you can go with your song writing?

This is how it works, and there are a few ways in which we can work together.
Prices are on page 6, and trust me, it’s really not that expensive.

1 email Send me your idea by email to info@song-creator.com (128k stereo mp3 is best). I’ll have a listen and will contact you.

2 Skype You can Skype me, and we can work on your idea together. To do this,you need to have a free Skype account, a webcam, an internet connection, and a laptop, PC, Mac or iPad. My skype name is song-creator.

3 book some time You can come to my Song-creator studio in Surrey. Email info@song-creator.com or call 44 (0)7591 005174 to find out more

4 your studio (or work area) I can come to your studio, if you have one, or somewhere you like to work, depending on your location. Email info@song-creator.com or call 44 (0)7591 005174 to find out more

5 how to pay all info on how to pay is on page 6

Email me at info@song-creator.com
Call me on 44 (0)7951 005174

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