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About Me

‘Big Sky’ with Zara Phillips - I loved working with George. I didn't realise how easy it was working through Skype - I felt like we were in the same room! I had played him this song "Big Sky" acoustically and within moments he had fresh powerful guitar riffs happening which really made the song.
George adds such a wonderful energy to the music - he really took my song to a whole different level; something I couldn't do alone. George is easy to work with, is very positive and puts 100% of himself into the work! My songs are now being considered for TV and films! Zara

‘Pull U Down’ with Lisa Jo Holton - I have written many songs with George. He is a very talented and versatile composer and producer. He always has great, creative ideas and shows pride and dedication in every song he works on. He is a pleasure to work with. Lisa Jo

‘Mirror Mirror’ with Rosa Fernandez and Simon Tindale –
The writing process may start with me emailing George an initial chord sequence and a rough bass line. He will then develop the idea, perhaps adding a verse, bridge or a chorus. When we are happy with the arrangement, George, being a multi-instrumentalist, will add acoustic and electric guitars, real bass and keyboards if necessary.
We will then work with a singer writing a top-line melody and lyric and when the vocals and back-ups have been recorded, George will add the finishing touches (making sure the track has the required elements harmonically and sonically) and mix it. Only when he has finished mastering and everyone is happy will the song be ready to send to the publisher who commissioned it. The whole process is both ultra-professional and hugely enjoyable/rewarding and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Simon

I've been working in music for years but George is the best person I've worked with. I can give him a vague idea of what I have in mind and he'll come up with something great. He also knows how to make my voice sound just how *I* want it - I can tell him if I think it needs to sound differently and he'll take my ideas on board, which is more than you can say for some people working in the industry. I wouldn't want to work with anyone else. Rosa

‘Freak Show’ with Natasha Anderson – www.natashaandersonofficial.com
Writing with Natasha is great. I just send her a track idea and she comes over to the Song-creator studio, usually armed with a can of Red Bull, and an awesome melody and lyric. gmac

For this track, I was contacted by Partick Shart who is a co-owner of Atlantic Seven Music Library. It’s for a movie. Patrick had the basic idea for ‘Fireball’. I just gave it the full on gmac Song-creator treatment.

‘Pilgrim’ original and ‘Pilgrim’ song-creator version
Here’s an example of a before and after Song-creator session

Email me at info@song-creator.com
Call me on 44 (0)7951 005174

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