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What’s happening right now

This year has started pretty well in the world of gmac and Song-creator.com. The website is up and running, and almost how I want it.

With regard to the all-important music, one of my songs has featured in the final series of ‘Desperate Housewives’. It’s a song called ‘Satin And Heartaches’ which has a bit of an old school ‘Motown’ vibe going on, and can be heard in episode 11of series 8 (Who Can Say What’s True). This particular episode has already aired on American TV, and will be shown in February/March 2012 in the UK.

Next up, been working with the lovely Natasha Anderson www.natashaandersonofficial.com

Nat has signed a deal in the US and her first single features legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. The second single will feature Platinum-selling artist Flo-Rida. Natasha’s vocals for both these singles have been recorded at the Song-creator studio, so book some time here (link to book some time) and you can sing into the same mic that has been used on these upcoming singles. They are both gonna be huge international hits.

I’m also working on a whole heap of library/production music songs and tracks for several different companies, which will be used in film, TV and radio all over the world.

So if you have some ideas, get them down, let me hear them and then let me help you refine and enhance them. Song-creator.com is entirely royalty free.
You pay me for my time and knowledge and from then on, your song or track is 100% yours.

Email me at info@song-creator.com
Call me on 44 (0)7951 005174

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